Blue Mountain Elementary School

Home and School Association

Purpose of Home and School

To unite the home, the school, and the church in their endeavors to provide Seventh-day Adventist Christian education for the children.

Who is involved in Home and School?

  • Members of the church and patrons of the school are members of the association.

  • All parents of students are encouraged to be active in the Home and School Association.


  • To educate parents in cooperation with the school in their work of fostering the development of the whole child - “the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual power” (Education, p. 13)

  • To promote cooperation between parents and teachers in the educational process.

  • To give guidance for establishing in the home an atmosphere of love and discipline in which Christian values can be instilled in children through the example of the parents.

  • To provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to develop a positive relationship in their work for the children.

  • To support the school in its effort to more fully harmonize the principles of Christian education in philosophy, content, and methodology.

  • To strengthen the relationship between home and school by promoting activities

At BME, the Home & School Association loves to include activities throughout the year to bring families closer together, provide support for our parents, and recognize the hard work our staff and volunteers do for our school! We truly strive toward unity between the church, school and home.

We have Family Fun Nights, Parent Education nights, celebrate Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation Week, Spirit Week and more.

For more information or if you would like to be involved in the Home & School Association, please contact our Principal, Kaisy Marschner at or our Home & School Leader, Courtney Landis at Thank you!


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