Complete Education

We focus on academic excellence – striving to help each student learn and reach their true potential. We also offer educational field trips, hands-on learning, outdoor school, and educational fairs to help students learn and retain more. Achievement scores of Blue Mountain Adventist Elementary students are solid, and our alumni have a record of success worldwide.
Spiritual Growth
The core of our philosophy is education through Jesus Christ, including daily worship, prayer and Bible instruction. Students study the Bible and teachings of Jesus in order to understand basic Christian principles and establish of foundation for ethical and spiritual development.

Physical Education and Athletics

We believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in

hand. Our curriculum includes physical education, real recess time, and an emphasis on exploring God’s natural creation.

Science and Technology
More than ever, science and technology are important parts of a well-rounded education. We offer multiple resources, including computer instruction, robotics, and SMART board technology, that allow students to benefit from current technology. We also offer hands-on science class for each grade.
Music and Art
In addition to regular study programs, we provide instructional time devoted to Music and Art Appreciation. Our music program includes a string program, provided by Suzuki trained violinist, an annual choral festival hosted by Blue Mountain Academy, handbells, and beginning band.

Extracurricular Activites
The lessons learned in the classroom and at home can be put into practice through after school activities. These vary from year to year, depending on the interests of the student body, but may include private music instrument instruction, drama club, LEGO club, guitar club, and the like. The after school opportunities teach valuable life lessons and allow the student to further develop and use his or her God given abilities.
Continuing and Early Childhood Education
Blue Mountain Adventist Elementary supports several programs benefiting its student body and the community at large. Among these are Pathfinders, Adventurers, and Little Lambs Clubs during the school year, Cool Camp in the summer season, and early development classes for parent and child in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and music.
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